Marketing a business online using an search engine optimized (SEO) domain name

Marketing a business online using an search engine optimized (SEO) domain name

Are you planning to put your business online soon? If so, there are a few considerations you need to make before purchasing a domain name for your website. My research on businesses that have succeeded online within their first year of launching has given me an insight into a few points you need to put into consideration before purchasing a domain name for your website.
Your ability to generate natural traffic from internet searches on your niche industry and more specifically searches from google; is key to success of most online businesses.  Most of the successful  online businesses today use a combination of many SEO tactics to beat their competitors.
As a basic rule, you should evaluate the search engine optimization of the domain you are choosing for your website before purchasing it. A previously used domain, sometimes referred to as deleted or expired domain if well evaluated can turn your business into an profit empire in one night.

Evaluating a domain name for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here are some of the features you need to look for in an expired domain to ensure that it gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.
• Do a thorough Keyword research on your business using google keyword planner.
• If you do not have a google Adwords account, create one today because this is the starting point of online success. The Adwords account will help you in online advertising and in researching on keywords that you could use to optimize your website.
• Look for keywords with the most searches in the locations where you are marketing your business and then google those keyword to see who your competitors are.
• Install page rank plug-in to check the page rank the of the first page in every search you undertake. You can also tools in websites such as seo-centro, among others to check the page rank (PR) of the website you want to evaluate. These website also have other important SOE tools (Note that, I have no affiliation with any of them)
• The page ranks are either displayed as undef for un-ranked websites or 0 -10 for ranked websites. The higher the PR, the better the page will perform in google search engine results. Other search engines such as yahoo and bing use almost similar strategies.

Why an search engine optimized domain is good for your website

The objective is to get your domain obtain the highest possible page rank from google. This however is the most difficult task in the search engine optimization process. A high page rank means that your website is highly referenced across the internet by other websites with a high page rank. Getting links from such websites is not an easy task, the fact that most website nowadays use a no-follow tag in most of their links makes it very difficult for webmasters to get google analytic compliant back-links.
You can install a no-follow plugin in your browser that shows the kind of back-links present in ant given website . This helps you to concentrate on building do-follow back-links only. The best practice is to check if a link put earlier by other people in a website of interest are no-follow or do-follow links. Avoid putting no-follow back-links as they will not count as a google back-links and consequently will not contribute to your SEO efforts.

How and where to get a search engine optimized domain name

You can reduce the amount of work needed to create backlinks by buying an expired domain name in your niche – which already has high number of authority back-links. However, you need to do a thorough research on that domain to ensure that the backlinks have been obtained using white hat SEO approaches; black hat SEO approaches can highly hurt you ranking in google and you may end up not achieving your objective in the long run.The rule of thumb is, take your time to build quality backlinks and DO NOT buy backlinks from backlinks market.
An additional way to evaluate if backklinks of a certain website are do-follow backlinks is by checking the number of search result when you search the domain of interest with the link and colon in from of the url. i.e. searching with link: infront of the domain shows you the number and details of the backlinks supporting that domain. Search as follows link:
link: – Replace with the domain you want to check backlinks for.
An expired domain with a high page rank and many back links may be very expensive in the domain market. It is therefore advisable to concentrate more on the back-links rather than on the page rank of a domain. Domains with many do-follow google back-links will help your page rank improve over time and boost the number of visitors from organic search to your website.
If you have a specific domain name for your brand, you can point both your domains to your website and increase your traffic as you build the links and page rank of your preferred domain. Remember not to discard your domains, because sometime their age is also an important factor in page ranking.
Other factors that affects ranking in google search engine results in addition to domain name are; the title of the webpage, description of the webpage, quality and total number keywords used in a webpage. Seo Centro website has enough resources to help you evaluate how compliant your website is in search engine optimization.
Before you embark on the keyword you want to concentrate on, make sure you check google trends to see how well the keyword trends and whether the trend is sustainable, this will help you in coming up with the right domain for the right target.



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