Being the winner in affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketers landscape has significantly turned around over the past year.
In spite of this, many smart individuals and companies continue to generate millions by staying one step ahead of others.
So, what is it that affiliate marketers need to do to succeed in 2015 and beyond?

1. Go one inch wide and one mile deep

A lot of first-time affiliate marketers make the mistake of going one mile wide and one inch deep: trying to dominate forty niches in their first few years.

2. Create content that your competition can’t contend with

The major challenge affiliate marketers are faced with is the ability to prove their value as middlemen in the value chain.

3. Be ready for mobile

In November 2014, mobile accounted for 46% of all affiliate clicks and 26% of all affiliate retail sales. How does this affect the individual affiliate? For one, if you’re directing traffic to sites that aren’t mobile friendly, you’re probably losing a lot of potential commissions.
Needless to say, if you’re not prepared for mobile, you’re preparing to be left behind.

4. Get in front of breakout and seasonal trends

The first variation to make is between seasonal and breakout trends. Seasonal trends are recurrent, and often expectable, peaks in popularity that you can prepare for in advance. Google Trends is your best friend for identifying seasonal trends. While you can just type in a keyword to see how it’s search volume varies throughout the year, you can also use the category functionality to locate seasonal movements in certain industries.

5. Don’t rely on a single traffic source

In February 2011, many successful affiliate woke up to find that they’re probably going to go out of business in a matter of weeks or months, no thanks to Google releasing the initial panda update. Ideally, you should own your audience – not rent it. If you absolutely have to rent it, rent it from multiple sources.



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