How to identify the right affiliate product to market

So, what do you need look for to make sure you choose the right affiliate network for your business?

Here are some areas you need to consider.

01. Which ecommerce businesses get the best results from affiliate marketing?

If you’re a large multi-chain retail business like John Lewis you may want to choose one of the large networks such as Affiliate Window, but if you’re smaller then a more specialist niche network is going to be a better choice for your business. Searching for a network that works in your industry will help deliver targeted traffic and sales. MoreNiche (health and beauty), Clickbank (digital products), and Monetise (lead generation) are all good examples of niche networks. Check which networks operate for your line of business.

02. Which types of affiliates succeed in your network?

It’s good practice to check the affiliate network’s marketing methods to ensure that they fit with your own. For example, if you sell a premium product you may wish to avoid networks with large coupon code/cash back type affiliates in favour of blogging/search marketing affiliates.

03. How does the network track your affiliate marketing campaign?

A key thing to look for in any affiliate network are the tracking tools they have in place. A good reputable network will provide you with a real-time report of your traffic and conversions, showing you who your affiliates are and where the sales are coming from. This helps you to analyse your campaigns and improve them so you can increase your conversions and earnings.

04. What support will you get for your affiliation ?

Finally, it’s important to be able to get help from the affiliate network when problems arise. Make sure that your affiliate company is available for help and support from real live people by email, phone, or other means in a timely manner. If you’re in any doubt you can ask for a list of merchants already using the network for references.



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