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Top 10 All time Kenyan gospel music hits 2015

1. Mwikulu – Rufftone (Kenyan Gospel Music)

Rufftone’s gospel hit song ‘Mwikulu’ is one the best gospel songs that has rocked the Kenyan gospel Music industry. Since this song was released, there has been an over-whelming increase of Kenyan gospel music artists. Most of them have had a great success in the Kenyan Gospel music industry which was in the past dominated by secular music. It is indeed true that Kenyans are entrepreneurs who when given and opportunity will take it to the next level.

Mwikulu is undoubtedly a hit song that has to make it in our top ten list of Kenyan gospel music.

2. Kuna Dawa – Esther Wahome (Kenyan Gospel Music)

Remember the old golden days that we used to dance to the Kenyan gospel hit song ‘Kuna dawa’. This was one of the simplest yet inspiring gospel song ever produced by the Kenyan music industry. This song was great and at the time,Kenyan gospel music lovers had to listen to it again and again.

3. Muhadhara – Jimmy Gait (Kenyan Gospel Music)

On number three of our Kenyan gospel music hit songs is  Muhadhara by Jimmy Gait. Wow, What a song this was! Full of informativemessage for the young generation and with good beats. This another gospel song that rocked the Kenyan gospel music industry that even if played to today, Gospel music lovers will still dance to it as if it’s a new release. Jimmy gait continues to produce great gospel music hits even to date but this was probably one of the best he has ever produced.

4. Gloria Muliro – Follow You (Kenyan Gospel Music)

What a great musician she is? Gloria Muliro’s song are just great. We had a problem on which of her song to put in the top 10 list but finally we settled on follow you gospel hit. She is one of the best Kenyan Music artists the county has produced over the past years.

5. Mateke – Size 8 (Kenyan Gospel Music)

When I fisrt heard o f this song, I said to myself oh no, is this gospel music but I listened to the lyrics carefully, it dawned to me that this was not just any gospel music but gospel music that is target for a certain group of people; the youth. Size 8 came in and filled in a gap in the Kenyan gospel music that has been open for a very long time. This song encourages youth to listen to gospel music and more specifically the Kenyan gospel music. Her productions are a great favour top the Kenyan music industry.

6. Lingala ya yesu – by Pitson (Kenyan Gospel Music)

There are romours that this hit singer Pitson , quit a banking job to specialize in music. If this is indeed true, what is the other best thing a young professionally can do if becoming an own boss is not? This song is inspiring not only because of its popularity and high quality content but also because of its originality. It shows that we have great music talent in Kenya that if given a chance, sky can only  be a lower limit. There is no way this song could have missed our top 10 list of the best Kenya gospel music song.

7. Mama – Bahati (Kenyan Gospel Music)

A humble young man came and changed the way we look at Kenya gospel music. The soft spoken young musician did justice to the Kenyan gospel music by producing a calm song that has a message that is easy to understand and that appreciates a group of people that often overlooked especially by the current general y. Including this song in our top 10 Kenyan gospel music was not optional.

8.Mwenye Baraka – Jemimah Thiongo (Kenyan Gospel Music)

What a hit song this was, one of the earliest produced songs and one that has stayed relevant to date. The naturalness of Jemimah’s music and existence of soothing tone in her music, makes her music the best. This is one of those song that if played when you are down, you have to get your energy again to overcome whatever challenges you were facing. It is in no doubt that this song was great and is still great today.

9. Sifu Bwana – Henry Mutuku (Kenyan Gospel Music)

What a nice song this was. I still miss the beats that came with it even today and also why Henry Mukutu had leave the Kenyan Gospel Music Industry too soon. The industry misses her great voice and never ending hard work. This song was great and must have featured in our top 10 list of the Kenyan Gospel Music.

10: Tam Tam : Willy Paul ft Size 8 (Kenyan Gospel Music)

This song is not in number 10 because it is ranked as number 10 in our lists but because it is still  a hit even today. Great song done by great a ‘collabo’. There are not words to explain how great the song was and is but only to ask you to listen to it.

Bonus Track: Emmy – Kosgei (Kenyan Gospel Music)

Bonus Track – Kambua (Kenyan Gospel Music)



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