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Desi is an Indian name meaning someone who comes from the south east Asian countries which comprises of Pakistan, Nepal, Indian, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Bhutan and the Maldives . Desi comes from hindi word des or desh which means homeland or country. The word describes, people of south Asia who have an affilication of the Indian culture and taboos. A desi girls is a young of woman of Asian origin, desi is sometimes used to mean superior and beautiful woman of Indian descent.


Desibaba is also a hindi name that has a slightly different meaning than Desi. The name desibaba means is an addition of the word father to girl and therefore the meaning may not be clear. Desibaba is just a combination of two hindi words, one meaning girl ‘desi’ and the other meaning father ‘baba’. Baba is used in many languages to mean dad, father or a  respected elder with a father figure.

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Desibaba or else referred to as deshibaba meaning a dad’s girl or deshi baba

DESIBABA Video Young Indian Girl Romance with Boyfriend in Park

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