Simple Online small business ideas for beginners

Simple Online small business ideas for beginners
Simple Online small business ideas for beginners

Simple Online small business ideas for beginners: Work from home ideas for 2015/2016.

This article will give you a step by step guide on the steps you need to take to start a small online business. It explains on how to go about this business idea right from the beginning of setting up your business until the time you get enough traffic and consequently start making money online.

It incorporates useful resources and links to affordable products, starting from the point when you get a domain name for your website to when you have a complete website with enough traffic for your business.

In the process, I will explain to you on how to claim your first online advertising vouchers from Google Adwords and Yahoo publisher network as well as the most successful search engine optimization strategies that work in 2015; this is in consideration to the new Google hummingbird algorithm that makes it very difficult to rank in the first pages of Google search engine results.

The Idea: The best laptop deals today online?

What about starting an online business that specializes in the best laptop deals? Isn’t this an idea you can start from the comfort of your home. The only investment you may need is an inexpensive laptop, a domain name and a webhosting account. If you already have some of these resources, you are good to go. Check my next few pages paragraphs for explanations.

How easy is it to start an online shop or website for selling best lowly priced laptops or other items on sale online mostly on websites that offer good deals such as Amazon and eBay?

I have had this idea for a long time and I tried my best to research and implement it in the best way possible. Just last month, I started on online business for selling laptops and desktops computers from Amazon. I intend to specialize in all the best online deals in future in addition to laptops computers.

Based on my business focus, it does not matter whether I will be dealing with the best deals for space heaters, shavers, rice cookers, desktop or laptop computers but anything that has a good deal online and that sells fast may be of interest to me and it may find its way on my website for sale.

The reason why I want to specialize with best deals for fast moving items is because my research has helped me to find out that, most people buy items online because online products are inexpensive. When people don’t care about prices, they go to the nearest shopping mall and get the items from there. In addition, most of online shoppers are likely to buy items they didn’t plan to buy in the near future just because they are on offer.

Some items like desktop or laptop computers may have bigger competition from companies like Amazon and best buy but those are in no way major competitors for small businesses. I have put some tips on search engine optimization that helps in targeting keyword phrases with low competition and high traffic that can be optimized to improve your website ranking in Google search results.

Starting Point of the Idea: Creating a Website for the best laptop deals business

You do not need to be a programmer to own an internet business. You equally do not need to learn programming to create a website. You only need to have basic IT skills of typing and clicking very basic IT. You also need to understand how to get the best domain names and the best website hosting accounts; all the other things are done for you by content management systems you choose to use.

I always recommend WordPress websites for this idea, so you only need to worry about the website content after installing a WordPress site on your hosting account. Other details on how to create a website easily can also be found on eCommerce page. Before thinking about a website, you need a domain name and a hosting account. I recommend getting this from Go Daddy Auctions, if you do not have a business name already, get a domain that suit your needs and extract a business name from the domain name.

There are many articles that explain the importance of good domain names and how to select a domain name for your online business. Read one of these articles on domain names at Kenia Online after understanding on how you can implement my idea, the article will help you in deciding the type of domain name you need for your online business. The video below is from YouTube, it explains how you can install and use a WordPress website, it may be important for you to watch it before i move to the next steps. I am focussing on Hosting your website with iPage  examples in this page because they offer the $100 free advertising vouchers.

Bonuses as seen on ipage webpage


Video on how to install a WordPress Website for your business using control panel

Amazon and EBay affiliation

Register as a re-seller/affiliate marketer of both Amazon and EBay. Affiliate marketing is the art of selling or promoting other peoples products to get a percentage of profit or a fixed amount for every sale that is generated from your website. If interested to learn more on affiliate marketing, you can read this at Kenia Online affiliate marketing page. More details on how you can make money with Ebay and Amazon.

After registering with these online stores you will get links of the items you want to market with your website, put those links on your website not forgetting that you must have quality content that is related to the products you are selling. This is explained below in section for ranking in Google searches.

Promoting your website

I will discuss two major ways you can use to promote your small business online as follows.

Free Advertising with Adwords

Set up an Adwords account using the voucher you get from the hosting account seller to earn $100 free credit when you create a hosting account with iPage. If you already have an adwords account, create a new Gmail account and open another adword account so that you can benefit from the free advertising units.

Getting your website to page one of Google Search results

You need to know how to get enough traffic that can concert to sales for your website from search engines. Let me list what you must do to rank on the first pages Google search results. I will use a step by step explanation using an example of an online shop that sells ugly Christmas sweater.

The first step is to log in to your Adwords account, if you do not have one, remember we said you buy a web hosting account that costs less than $100 for three years of hosting less than $100 for three years of hosting where they offer free advertising vouchers. You will get free $100 Google advertising voucher from Google and $50 voucher from Yahoo publisher Network.

After you have set up the account and it is now live, go to keyword planner enter your ugly Christmas sweater keyword and click get ideas. Filter the ideas by relevance. At this point look for the longest keywords with the most traffic and check popularity on the web one by one in Google.

Our ugly Christmas sweater example in this case has 675,000 searches per month. We need check its competition in Google search results also by checking how much this keyword appears in title of web pages indexed by Google by typing this in Google search as follows.

Intitle:”ugly Christmas sweater” – This gives us a result of 119,000 search results. This means we should not dare optimize for this keyword as we may never even appear in the top 100 pages unless our website is very popular.

We now need to check keywords that are related to this that are in the title of less than 500 WebPages, if we can get less than 100, the better. I will use another tool called ubersuggest to get long tail keywords which will even give me unique keywords. Entering ugly Christmas sweater in ubersuggest gives me many options of very long keywords which I test using the Google in title phrase. The search results of course are not as high as but I am targeting not less than 10 sales of the sweater per month. I multiply this by 1000 visitors assuming I get 1 sale for every 100 visitors I get.

To make sure ranking easier and faster, it is good to target keywords with monthly searches of 100 to 1000 per month unless you find an exploited keyword that is in less than 100 WebPages titles. My above search on ubersuggest gives me 5 keywords to start with as follows.

Ubersuggest Keyword No of Searches (from Keyword Tool No of Features in web titles (From Intitle:” ” search
ugly Christmas sweater party ideas 1200 1050
ugly christmas sweaters for sale 6600 799
ugly christmas sweater ideas make your own 480 18
ugly Christmas sweaters for women 12,100 133
ugly christmas sweaters for men  3,600 322

As you can see from the table above, the keywords to target if I want my website to rank well in Google for our target keyword is:
“Ugly Christmas sweaters for women and men” , by this i will be targeting about 15,000 visitors per month in case i end up on number one for the two non-competitive keywords.

Creating an optimized website

We now need to create a webpage with our target long tail keyword shown above using the following tips. Follows the following steps in your word press, blogger or whichever website or CMS you are using. See the article after the tips on the page structure so that you can understand exactly what I mean.

i. Based on our target keywords, we need to consult keyword planner again to get relevant page content, to rank well for ugly Christmas sweaters for women and men we need to get synonyms that explains this phrase without diverting from our main topic.
In short we need to write sales related content that explains what this is and why this product is the best as opposed to related products. Remember some of the 132 and 322 pages in the above table may also be optimizing for the same keyword, the most accurate website gets the highest ranking, other factors will also come in to affect your ranking but quality of content is the number one factor.

ii. After you get enough content as explained in item 1 above. You need to now create a post or a page with your main keywords i.e. or something like that and make sure that all the keywords you are targeting are in the title as shown above. Write an article of not less than 1000 words for the page with the above tips in mind. More words will only be better but make sure the page is structured well for human beings to read.

iii. Write naturally to avoid Google penalty from keyword stuffing or due unnatural content. If you must repeat the main keywords, do not repeat the exact match phase more than five times in 1000 words article.

iv. This is worth repeating; do not underestimate the importance of related words (synonyms) and related relevant searches as obtained from Google Keyword tool.

v. Structure your website well into paragraphs for users to understand the flow of your content, use heading tags as many times as is possible to ensure that readers follow your content flow easily. You can use keywords generated from keyword planner as explained in point one in heading tags and then write content that match it.

vi. After your website is complete, look for at least 10 do follow links from high quality websites with page rank of 0-10, the higher the page rank the more the importance the page gets in Google ranking.

vii. When building the first few external links to your web pages do not create spammed links. Write quality and professional articles and comments and avoid spammed links which will negative affect your ranking in search results.

viii. Last but also important, register for Google console webmaster tools and add your website and all the WebPages and posts you create as you create them. To do this, sign on to the webmaster tools and

  • Go to add property and then add your main URL
  • Validate your URL buy uploading the file you get from Google after submission
  • Fetch your URL using the fetch menu under crawl on the left side (if you can’t see it click on Google console logo to go back to home page).
  • Repeat this process for all Webpages and posts in your website.
  • After fetching, you will see submit to index submit and then select the first crawl for pages and posts and crawl entire website for the domain name.
  • The default fetch is for desktop, repeat this for Smartphone and the two other categories

ix. If you match the entire above tips, your page will be ranked within the third day and you will see it rise slowly but sure on Google search results over time. It takes about 1 to six 6 months to be on page one but less competitive keywords can rank in less than a week.

x. Wait and watch Google bringing traffic/customers and sales to you over time.

If you found this article useful, share with others on Facebook, twitter and Google+. Also let us know how we can improve so that it meets your needs. Come back and let us know if you achieve good results with our tips.



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