Start Up Business: Ugly Christmas sweaters ideas for women and men

ugly Christmas Sweaters
ugly Christmas Sweaters

Best and Very Ugly Christmas sweaters ideas for women and men cardigans

You are probably here because you want to have an idea of how you can get the ugliest sweater for a contest or an end of year Christmas party or any other event. We will give you tips on how you can brainstorm and think of funny sweaters for Christmas that are not good looking. What many people present in contests sometimes cannot even rank in the top 50 results because the products are not ugly enough. Some of them could still pass as beautiful sweaters to people who have no idea of that the sweaters are to be used in a contest or party.

To be in a position to have a knitted garment with long sleeves and those can be worn over the upper body and pass as the ugliest in a contest, you need to understand what it really means for something to be ugly. Putting Christmas tree and lights on the sweater makes it more Christmas which makes you lose marks in the contest. However, you must make it look like a Christmas sweater for it to win the contest. That should however be on a very light note. If you must put a Christmas tree, it should not look like the actual tree but people should be able to understand that the sweater is meant for xmas though ugly.

How to know that a sweater is not pleasing the eyes or is not good looking

To me, something ugly is something not wanted by anyone and that which people do not want to be associated with. Something that is likely to be avoided by people. Think in the range of ugly old used underpants. In summary, to win this contest, you must have something almost similar to used panties or underwear that you would not want anyone to associate you with. I mean, that which if you wore you will get bad dreams and nightmares, just by imaging someone saw you with it. It should be close to that bad if not that bad.

A person, who doesn’t know you, should feel embarrassed to be seen with you when you are wearing the ugly sweater you want to present yourself in during the event. The sweater should be oversize and should look like some part of it can fall off when you are wearing it. If there any knitting’s or drawings on it, they should look like they will fall off the sweater. Put many unorganized colors on the sweater with no proper patterns, if possible,  put all the screaming colors you come across. To be able to come up with what could pass as an ugly sweater that can win a Christmas contest, read below to understand on what ugly means and what it does not.

The Ugly Christmas sweater ideas to make on your own

So ugly sells these days? To make it even more interesting, it sells to men, women and even children of all ages. I wonder if this would happen were it not for the many contests and partying event around xmas. And why not, it’s good to look at things from different angles; you never know what you may be missing behind the scenes.

Recently I found out that ugly models also sell, you can go to if you want proof. I still don’t approve their understand of ugly model as fat women. I hear they look for people who are not attractive and make them models; unfortunately I don’t how people who are not beautiful look like because i seem to like people of all sizes.

How do you rank a sweater or a human being as ugly or beautiful when it has been scientifically proven that most men are fetish for ugly women; at least to have sex with them even if it is just once? This could be about the same thing that made ugly sweaters win their  market share of the internet, at least during the festive season. What is rare is expensive and old fashions will always keep trending. If you were the only person in the world who is not beautiful, all others will become ugly and you become the only beautiful one.

Isn’t it interesting that sweaters that are ugly are in demand especially during Christmas? I bet anyone has an idea in mind of what an ugly sweeter would look like, but don’t keep your mindset on what you have seem many times on Amazon but to what you think is ugly. The most unfortunate thing is that, if you try to design an ugly sweater for festive season or whichever occasion or event, you will most of the time end up with an awesome sweater that doesn’t meet your party or contest needs.

What an Ugly sweater that can win a contest should look like

This the reason as to why you need to have an idea of what it means to be ugly. My understanding of an ugly sweater is that if you hanged it on a busy downtown street, you could still find it still around there a week later, either still hung on the same place or being kicked around by passersby. Of course this may not happen because it may be picked by a mad person or someone else at night to use it as a rag.

To me ugly is beautiful, sometimes more beautiful than beautiful. For instance the word “ugly girl” has 60,500 monthly searches on the internet while the word “beauty girl” has 18,100 monthly searches. The phrases may not be exactly the same but this is a proof that ugly is beautiful. Internet research shows that, people who search for ugly women on the internet are most of the time looking for fat women. At the same time; the same people are looking for big beautiful women. This explains that they are not just looking for photos of such women but they believe big women are beautiful.

By this, I am trying to pass the point that, what you think is ugly may not be ugly; in fact, some people will enjoy having that as their favorite. So it is difficult to please a judge that your sweater is the ugliest. Instead of looking for ugly sweaters tips, look for something that is funny and that will make people laugh, do a drawing of it, presents it to your friends and relatives and see if they find it funny or ugly.

The funniest it is, the more marks you are likely to get in the competition. Think of a dog wearing a Christmas sweater, isn’t that funny? So from today, look for an xmas sweater with that is knitted with funny colors, patterns, design and graphics instead of an ugly one, because in reality an ugly clothing may not exists unless they are inner-wear. Come up with a sweater design that is funny, that which make you feel embarrassed, and that which will make your friends laugh at you. If you are able to come up with such a sweater,  you will definitely win any ugly Christmas sweater competitions and contests.

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