Easy way to earn money from home without investment

Make money Online
Make money Online

10 easy way to earn money from home without investment

The following are the best online business ideas that have been tried and tested online and that have worked for others in the near past. I may not given the full details on how to implement most of these ideas but a summary of what is entailed in each of the ideas.

The top 10 list of best business ideas in no particular order.

1. Online dating website with registered members

This idea is not new but it still brings on board unexploited opportunities for beginners and existing businesses. I tried this idea a while back and what I learnt about it is that you need to focus on offering an interracial dating platform to beat website that have been in the business for a long time.

Target communities with culture and taboos of not intermarrying with other communities and then do your research to find out forums and discussion boards that have members of the community who are against their culture and who may want to mingle with other communities.

Dating is one of the best businesses you can start online, it is a multi-million business especially if you target the right people. A good example is, If you come up with a platform for Mexican latinos, Europens and Americans dating Africans, you are likely to get a large subscription from Africans. If you want to target Asians, look out for who Asians would love to date. Etano from datemill is a good free Php website script for this kind of a business and is easy to install. Script Source: www.datemill.com

2. Fantasy sports website

There is unlimited number of fantasy soccer fans around the globe, Facebook pages of a team like Chelsea and arsenal has over 30 million likes, google searches for Liverpool are over 5 million per month. What is even more appealing in this business is that, with good publicity it can pick immediately. Sports like the English premier league, cricket and American football are the most popular sports for fantasy.

If you have an interest in soccer business, this may be an area for you. Rimis.net has designed a high quality php fantasy soccer script that is currently being tested with 2015/2016 English premier league. I hear this script can be adapted to any football league. Script Source: www.rimis.net

3. Search Engine Optimization services to local businesses

With advent of google penguin and hummingbird google ranking algorithms, it is very difficult for small businesses to appear on the first pages of google search results. In some countries, the business of optimizing websites for search engines is still at its infant stages.

This is a good business for people with basic web design skills. You may be required to look for articles and videos on how to go about this and then test it on your blogs to understand how this work best before you make it commercial.
Offering SEO services is a big business given the fact that the internet is full of free customers and each business owner wants the customers to come to their website.

Being on page one of google search results will bring these customers to websites, this is the service you will be offering to businesses for at a fee. You can get detailed articles on SEO from  moz.com

4. Domain name and Webhosting reseller business

This is another lucrative business you can venture into. You do not need to own a web server or offer domain registration service. All you need is to enter into an agreement with a reputable reseller program and agree on the amount of money they will be selling hosting space and domains to you for.

The reseller companies manages all the work including the customers you bring customers to them. If you are good at search engine optimization, this is a gold mine for you. The most effective SEO strategy is one that targets country specific customers and if possible from a given town.

Reseller panel may be a cheaper option for this kind of business but I dint know how good they are. If you want to get the best service, I would recommend host-gator re-seller program which is rated as the best program.

5. Start an educational website

Lynda.com and 9tuts started as a small online training websites. These websites have now growth to rule online training especially on programming topics, software, CMS among others complex IT areas.
What about taking this kind of approach to start an online business?

You can start with a topic you understand well, generate classroom videos for it, host a few of them on youtube for marketing and then sit back and watch your business grow. Do good research on the most difficult topics that not well covered and you will be good to go.

Again when your business is on, do not underestimate the importance of SEO, I have to keep on repeating this because that is what online business is all about. Use Moodle.org open source software to start educational site.

6. Offer a professional service online

This may include services such as writing business plans, website design, logo design, helping college and university college do their assignments among other services, go to freelancer.com, under categories, you will get ideas of hundreds of services you can offer online, specialize on the one you understand best.

Start a website to market this servive and optimize it for search engine.The best thing about this business is that you do not need to worry about who will do the work if you don’t have time to do it. You can outsource any work on freelancer.com, odesk or elance. Have some trustworthy people who can do the job for you in one of those websites and your business will grow to exceptional levels.

7. Engage in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves selling other peoples or businesses products on your website to earn commissions and profits on them once you make successful sales. It is one of the easiest businesses you can engage in online. Amazon affiliate is the best for this due to it being a big reputable online business.

You become an official agent of amazon when you register and you are allowed to embed products listed on their website on your website. When customers click on them, they are redirected to amazon to complete the purchase. By this, your online shop reputation is high, customers also feel confident to buy from your amazon’s website as opposed to a new website. With time, you can also start selling your own products slowly by slowly. Try Amazon affiliate program

8. Advertising revenue from google adsense

This is the easiest business and probably the most popular online. When your website is approved to show google ads, you will get an account with google where you can get codes to place on your website for the ads to appear and where you can see your revenue for each day.

Again you need to have a highly optimized website to make good cash from google adsense. Try to get traffic to your website first before deciding on this as your main source of revenue. If you want to avoid stress from online businesses, decide on how to get customers first before starting an online business.

The best thing about adsense is that you can put the ads on any website that meets google guidelines once your are approved by Google. Apply for google Adsense.

9. Start an imports business

Many people living outside the united states have a problem buying some items, because may online shops do not deliver to some countries . Additionally, most of people do not want to use their credit cards online, and therefore their buying is only limited to local shops which some of the time have a limited variety.

You can start a business that targets these kind of customers. What you need to do first is open an account with shipping companies such as myus.com or shopitto where all your purchases from the US will be delivered before they are dispatched to you.

Add a commission to any item you ship for customers and always let them pay before in advance, make sure all purchases must be bought from your shop to avoid customers using your account to buy prohibited goods. Start an account with Myus.com

10. Start an online shop for rare items

Do a research on some items in other countries that are not sold in your country and create an online shop for customers in your country. If the items are not expensive, import them in bulk and deliver to your buyers. If they are expensive, take orders and deliver after they arrive from the source country. (Next Step is Marketing your Products Online)

Market your products and/or services Online

Most of the ideas I have discussed above may be simple to start but getting customers online is a task that is time intensive. You need to have a strategy that can work for you both in PPC advertising and in SEO.

PPC Advertising, Google Adwords, Yahoo Publisher Network & Bing

Be clever when starting your business, for instance, buy webhosting that has free google vouchers so that you can test the success of your business before you invest more money. A good business should have returns by the time you are finishing the $200 vouchers that often come with yoiur first webhosting account. (Read my earlier article to know how to go about webhosting).

I hope I will get communication from those who succeed with any of my ideas. I have tested many of them and learnt that a committed person is likely to succeed if they employ the right advertising and SEO approaches.



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