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How to create an affordable online shop: Online Shopping cart websites

The key to success for any business is the volumes of sales it generates in any given period. Online selling can be achieved through,, Google trader, Alibaba among others but your online success will depend on many factors rather than the platform you use. There are so many online articles suggesting eBay or Amazon as the best websites to sell online but I tend to disagree; my opinion is that it is not the model you use online that matters but the selling strategies you employ.

The main reason as to why many small businesses use existing platforms to sell online is because they either do not have web design skills to create content management websites for their businesses. This however has been made cheap various free scripts online.

For instance, to start an online shop, you only need to get a domain name and a hosting space and you are ready to go. This will cost you about $60 for the domain and hosting and then you will be left to worry about how to market your shop.

Creating your first Free Online Shop

The best thing about creating your own online shop as opposed to using third party models is that, when you drive traffic to it, you are building a reputation and after one or two years the shop will be popular. Additionally, before its time to pay for your domain and hosting, your business will have picked. Many of you will agree that this is a credible way to start online presence.

There are many PHPScripts available for free download and I will feature three of these in this guide; these include are prestashop, Oscommerce and Zencart because they have similar functionalities and are free from bugs; you can visit these website to see how they work and you can even download for your experience and either use it as it is or modify it to meet your needs.

These shops help you to create an online shop in a matter of hours and you will be ready to start selling online. They have all the features and security needed for online trading to help you achieve a standard online experience.

Some of the benefits of using free and open sources online shop/shopping carts include:

  • Set up in a matter of hours if not minutes.
  • Integration of the most reliable, popular and secure e-commerce system (various third party payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill (moneybrookers),, cheque payments, Bankwire, platforms to accept credit cards payments among others.
  • Inbuilt¬† income boosting codes and add-ons such as Google revenue through Adsense
  • Have inbuilt analytics and reporting tools to track your visitors, sales, orders details.
  • Automated creating of customers database and easier communication on new products though inbuilt email system
  • ¬†They are optimised for Search engine and Have inbuilt marketing tools.
  • Inventory management; track your inventory as it gets finished.
  • Product export to EBay to boost your sales
  • Guides on how to list your items in the websites for sale.
  • Open source means there are no security holes, the system has been well tested a large number of programmers with advanced programming skills.
  • Numerous ready made additional features (module and Add-ons) available in the online market and as well as a large base of programmers specialised in the applications.

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