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Putting your Shop Online: Web-hosting Steps

After you download your shop, you can test it in your computer before even hosting it online if you have basic computer skills. This will also help you to understand how web hosting works if you do not know as it is important for your online success.

Hosting your website online

i.        Download your preferred online shop script. This is downloadable as a zipped file; create a folder and unzip/extract all the files in it.

ii.        Go to wamp server website and download a local hosting server and install in your computer. The server will install three technologies in your computer; Apache, PhpMyadmin and MYSQL.

iii.        Click on Wamp Icon to start it, note that it has to be in green colour in the icon tray on the bottom right side of your computer. See troubleshooting details if it doesn’t work. When you click on it, you see the following.


i.        Copy the folder with the extracted files; then as shown above, click on www directory and paste the copied files there.

i.        After the copying is finished, Click on PhpmyAdmin and create a database and give it any name and then as shown above;

ii.        Click on Localhost and look for the folder you pasted and click on it to install your shop in your computer. If your Wamp server is ready, you should see the first step in installing your shop.

  • Database name is the name you created
  • UserName is root
  • Leave password as blank
  • Fill in the other details as requested until you finish installation

iii.        To change the look of the shop, modify the files in the www director folder to meet your needs using favourite editing program like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Uploading your website Online

Download your favourite file manager program and install it and launch it, I recommend Coreftp because it is easier to use and it requires minimum settings. If you have a hosting space and domain, If you have your hosting details input them as shown below and click connect.

Coreftp File Manager


On your right side is your hosting space while the left side has your website. To host a website, your transfer the contents from your left to inside to your domain name folder on the right side; your domain is inside Public_html folder.

Look for the folder with your website on the left side under (C: wamp / www/), Open it, select all the files in it and then right click on them to upload. Uploading with take 30mins to 1 hour depending with your connection speed, make sure your internet connection remains active during the upload time; also make sure that you have not uploaded the zipped folder to save uploading time.

After uploading is complete; launch your domain on a browser to start the installation process as explained earlier in the chapter.

I have a domain but no hosting Space

If you already own a domain that is not used for other purposes, you need to get a hosting space as explained below and then change the DNS settings in the domain to point to your hosting space.

I don’t have a domain and hosting space

If you don’t have a domain, you have to acquire one to be able to put your website online. A domain on average costs $9 but because you are here to look for money. Look for an expired domain at go daddy auctions with a high page rank and many credible back-links.

You now know how to create and host an online shop. Details on how to add the items you intend to sell and for configuring your payment gateways and other features of the shop will are given in the website of the shop you chose for your online shop. The websites also have a list of frequently asked questions with their answers as well as a free to join forum where you can learn a lot on how to use the shop to the maximum and for your own benefit.

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