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Analysis of Betting in Kenya

Betting is fun and risky as well. While it can help you make a lot of money from sporting activities, it can also make you broke or leave you frustrated. You need to be cautious of your expenditure in betting. If you are a daily bettor, you need to plan for how much you can plan to lose each day and make sure you stick to that. It is important that you abstain from trying to recover from betting losses . If your daily betting budget is $50, do not exceed this amount even when you lose all of it.

This will protect you from further losses and help you maintain your strategy.
As I write this article, the major betting platforms in Kenya are sportpesa, betin, mcheza, betway, betika, shabiki, elibet, betyetu, betpawa and safaribet just to name a few. Each of these betting platforms offers the same product although sometimes the product is packaged and presented in a different way. They give you a platform which helps you bet for games in almost all sporting events and tournaments around the world. These platforms have become popular largely due their daily and weekly jackpots.

Betting products in Kenya

Betting companies in Kenya face stiff competition from each other. The main players are Sportpesa, Betway and Betin. While Betway and Betin are regional and international brands respectively, Sportpesa is a local brand which has established itself well through market leadership, generous jackpots, advertising, predictability and its promotion of local initiatives. The most popular products that have led to an exponential growth of the betting industry are the daily, bi-weekly and weekly jackpots offered by each of them.

How easy is it to predict the daily Mcheza jackpot results?

Mcheza operates a jackpot that runs on a daily basis. The face value of the jackpot is kshs 2,000,000/= or approximately $20,000/= for seven correct double chance predictions. In reality, you will be making fourteen predictions. This means you have to predict who wins a game and whether the winner gets over or under 2.5 goals. If you lose one outcome in the double chance, you lose the bet. If you get at least five out of the required seven predictions correct, you get a bonus amount which according to Mcheza is determined by a number of people who entered that day’s jackpot.

Getting a double chance prediction seven times is not an easy task. Due to this and also due to the value involved when compared to other jackpots, like the famous sportpesa maga jackpot, I don’t think Mcheza jackpot has had frequent good results for many.

I used to play this jackpot but later left it after I realized how difficult was to achieve a desirable level of results regularly. My analysis tactic explained in another article and that has always worked for me did not fare well in the Mcheza jackpot to give me good results. The total value of the jackpot is also not that high for someone to commit a lot of time for analysis. This may be one of the reasons why Mcheza jackpot has lost its popularity to sportpesa and bet in jackpots.

The Sportpesa midweek jackpot – Free predictions and analysis

The Sportpesa midweek jackpot has thirteen (13) games and a face value of Kenya Shillings 10,000,000/= or approximately ($10,000). If you can predict all the thirteen games correctly. Sportpesa will also give you a bonus if you get at least 10,11 or 12 games correctly. The value of these bonuses varies because they are determined by the number of people who participated in the jackpot. Sportpesa has always maintained that; according to their terms and conditions, they cannot disclose the number of people who play the jackpot games each week although jackpot players have always demanded such disclosures to be made.

This is jackpot that is worth a try and one that you cannot miss especially when the regular week games are in play. It is, however, a tricky jackpot due to the games that feature in it. It is not a surprise to find games from least popular leagues in this jackpot that quite often than not is a lot difficult to predict. However, if a league table is in existence and at least five games have been played, my soccer predictions pick article can give you a starting point. I have never won a jackpot but I have reached made it for the bonus several times by winning mostly ten and eleven games in this jackpot.

If you read my soccer prediction article, I also make significant income every day through the betting tips I have explained there.
The sportpesa mega jackpot – Free Accurate Analysis and predictions per game
Winning sportpesa mega jackpot whose face value is a whopping 100,000,000/= or simply $100,000/= is in the dreams of every Kenya.

The jackpot runs once during weekends and it includes games played on Saturdays and Sundays of every week. The jackpot also prides of generous bonuses to bettors who are able to correctly predict twelve or more games correctly. Bettors who achieve fifteen or sixteen correct predictions are rewarded handsomely. They are sometimes able to achieve more income than someone who wins the midweek jackpot. This makes it a must try jackpot for any Kenyan who is interested in betting.

Sportpesa mega jackpot came as a surprise to many and it introduction also seemed to has shocked even the Kenyan government; forcing them to introduce punitive taxation measures to regulate betting which has become a popular trend in the Kenyan society since it was introduced by sportpesa a few years back. The government measures, however, were not the main surprise to many Kenyans; the major surprise came when sportpesa started sponsoring English premier league teams and most specifically, Hull united, the company have since then gone up the sponsorship ladder to support even bigger teams. Their most recent venture was the sponsorship given to Everton football club.

Other major websites offering Weekly Jackpots are Betin Kenya and Betway among Others
Weekly Jackpots follow the same compensation plans as those seen in the sports jackpots. There are however slight variances in the compensation procedures.

Betin Kenya Weekly Jackpot

Betin Kenya still maintains the thirteen-weekend game’s jackpot but it offers jackpot bonuses for up to eleven correct predictions. Apart from it having fewer games than the sportpesa mega jackpot, that is; its only other difference with the sportpesa mega jackpot.

Betway Kenya Weekly Jackpot

Betways offers a slightly different betting system. They offer a thirteen, fifteen and another one for predicting the correct scores which they call the millionaire. The thirteen games jackpot inclusive of its jackpot is as follows.

Betway 13 Games Jackpot

This jackpot starts at Kshs 10,000,000.00 and the Jackpot is won by picking a winning selection of thirteen teams pre-selected for you by the company. If there are multiple winners of the jackpot, they share the jackpot prize.

Betway 15 Games Jackpot

Winning fund is KSH 38,000,000.00 and the Jackpot is won by picking a winning selection of all the fifteen games preselected for the jackpot each week. If there are multiple winners, they share the jackpot prize.

Betway Millionaire Correct Score Jackpot

Jackpot amount is KSH 47,500,000.00. The Jackpot is won by correctly predicting the results

of seven games preselected for you every week by the betting company. If there are multiple winners, they share the jackpot prize.
Jackpot bonus (any 5 of 6) is KSH 95,000.00 is given to the players who narrowly miss. Every winner will win, or share in the case of multiple winners, the relevant Jackpot Bonus above.

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