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Football betting Tips, Strategies and predictions

What if there were 100% accurate betting strategies that can be used to predict sports outcomes? How much money do you think you can make online? Unfortunately, this will also lead to the collapse of betting companies.

Below are betting tips and strategies you can use to perfect the art of soccer predictions for league games and jackpots. You can also use these tactics to maximize your online earnings. As a rule of thumb, you should always ensure that your soccer predictions are consistent as it is not advisable to change them week by week. Improving them is highly recommended because, the moment you leave an old betting strategy, that is when the strategy seems to work.

How to make accurate football predictions for the weekend games

Weekends are gold mines for soccers predictions. I always look forward to researching my weekend football predictions in depth because of the vastness of the games in the weekend.

Here is how I get my predictions right.

    1. Checking the form of the teams in their last three games

Small teams tend to give everything to make sure that they at least get a draw in big matches. In cases where they have lost at least two of their past three games, the hard work is even more and if they had lost three consecutive games, it is highly likely that will not lose even to a big team. This may not always happen with very strong big teams but in those kinds of fixtures, any outcome is expected. It is advised to avoid betting on such teams irrespective of the odds available. These odds in most of the time range from 1.30 – 1.59 in favor of the perceived stronger team. In the majority of the cases, most of these games end in a draw.

    2. Home and away performances for the season so far.

If at least five games have been played in a certain league, the home and away analysis strategy seems to work perfectly well in maximising betting incomes. I use live soccer scores websites such as flash scores to get the home and away performance statistics. Below are the three steps demonstrating how this works using screen shots from the Japan’s J-League.

I have used this league because it works well with this strategy, you have to evaluate which leagues work with which betting tip. For instance, the tips do not work well with any of the Finland’s leagues; if you want to predict for the league, you have to use the compensation formula discussed later. Sweden league is also a tricky one because it does not work with any of the methods. It works with a combination of the two methods.

The table below shows soccer predictions for games for a fixture for 27th August 2017. The analysis of soccer results based on overall performance of two teams that played each other.


The overall performance of the team was obtained from the points column (pts) and then divided by match played (MP). The results as based on the analysis supports an away win, a home win and another away win respectively as shown in the table above. Using this strategy, I got 14.68 cumulative odds. I always place multi-bet on or with a maximum of 5 games. This time, I played 3 games for $20 and made $ 293.62 from this bet only. That was an awesome income made on the 27th August 2017. The table I used for analysis is shown in the image below.


To get the statistics for the next steps, you click home button for home statistics and away button for away statistics.

Predicting results based on home and away team performances

I will use the same table again to simulate how you can use home and away statistics to predict the winner of a fixture; again in Japan League two for consistency purposes.

The second section of the table above shows the outcomes based on home and away from analysis. The table predicts two home wins and away win respectively. This means that I lost one game. Since I had entered a multibit, I lost the bet but I had already earned $293.62 with the overall performance analysis which compensated the loss. This particular day, I spent $80 on four bets, won three and lost one, thereby making ($658.85 – $80) an income of 578.85. I rarely make a loss and I always play $80 per day. My average income is $250 per day after considering the average losses per week.

Above demonstration was meant to show you that, in betting, you have to win and lose and what matters is the profitability at the end of the day. Just as it is the case in any competition. The moment you accept that, you are ready to venture even other better ways of making money online, just like anyone else has been doing.

Getting today’s match predictions right

There are many websites that predict football on a daily basis but how many of them have given you reliable results on a regular basis? To succeed in soccer betting, you must evaluate each of these free betting websites on a regular basis and come up with a few who gives you a good return for your money on a daily basis. If betting websites were 100% accurate, everyone would be rich today. It is up to you to work hard and find out the tips that in addition to the predictions by various websites, will give a good return on each bet placed.

Sites that Predict Football Matches more Correctly

Daily football and soccer betting tips, strategies and predictions

I have in the past used a variety of betting tips to earn significant amounts of money online through betting. The following are some of the betting tips I always employ in my betting life.

Soccer picks predictions

In this method of prediction, you pick two games with odds above 2.0 and analyze them. The best strategy in soccer picks prediction is to bet with small teams with high odds which are scheduled to play against vulnerable big teams. Arsenal and Liverpool for instance, have in the past proved to be vulnerable big teams – that lose to smaller teams like stoke, WestBrom, Crystal Palace and Swansea. Manchester City and Manchester United in worst cases tend to draw rather than lose such games.Details on the soccer analysis strategies you can employ are explained in a separate soccer picks predictions page.

Soccer analysis to get accurate predictions

Another soccer prediction strategy you can use to get accurate predictions, is to check the head to head statistics of each team both home and away. This is the favorite of my betting tips. Home and away performance analysis has always converted well in the majority of my stakes. This analysis is explained in detail in the soccer predictor page.

How to make accurate match predictions for today and tomorrow games

I have come across many pages on Facebook that promise accurate scores, predictions and results for a pay. What I always wonder when I come across such prediction experts is why they don’t use such predictions to maximize their incomes. They should be giving out and not charging if they knew the correct scores up front. If fixed matches indeed exist, why on earth would they be asking for money from us. Why can’t they bet and make money themselves? Stories of the con in the name of fixed matches are quite prominent on the internet and especially in the social media.
Betting involves 99% gambling, and wins comes by chance.