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Making money online is not for the faint hearted. The venture is even more difficult when one is selling high competition products. However, if you are keen, you can make unlimited income online. I earn a living through affiliate marketing and I thought it would be interesting to share my experiences with people visiting this website. Below is an explanation of how to make money online using worldventures travel club.  I joined the program early this year and my online skills came in handy for marketing the program. As you read this article, you will find a lot of clarifications on the fears many people have when it comes to online business.

World Ventures Compensation plan

Understanding World Ventures Lineage and binary

Understanding World Ventures Counts, Sales & Credits | By James Lee, IMD

WorldVentures offers a Membership Travel Club and a Business Opportunity

Everyone can now enjoy travelling anywhere around the world with only $50 per month through WorldVentures Dream-Trips. WorldVentures is a travel company that organises dream trips around the world. If you research online, you will see a lot of people calling the program a scam or a pyramid scheme but if you visit my article on affiliate marketing, you will notice that worldventures uses affiliate marketing to get its members, they only pay you based on the members or sales you have referred for them.

World Ventures IMD Trip 2017 | Tahiti & Bora Bora, French Polynesia

They have a product which is group travel to various destinations around the world at highly discounted prices. By traveling as a group, you get very cheap travel and accommodation prices. Their accommodation is in four stars hotels or above. You, however, cannot be a member unless you are invited by one of their business representatives. Our Representative ID is 70341936 in case you are interested but before you join. Please read all the resources we will provide to you going forward.

Is Worldventure a scam?

I pride to have over ten years of online marketingexperience. Based on my research on online business programs. The following points make worldventures a genuine company.  

  • Scamy programs get your money and then get under after some time. Worldventures program has been existence since 2004 and their network continues to grow to many countries. Their latest country as at August 2017, is New Zealand. This is in addition to more than 35 countries where the company operated. i.e. United States, United Kingdom, Australia just to name a few.
  • You never lose your money with worldventures. The initial startup costs of around $360 will count towards your future travel. In fact, you can travel immediately after joining and if this is too much money for you, You can refer six people to break even. This is explained in a video later. 

WorldVenture is also NOT a pyramid scheme because.

  • 1) You cannot make unlimited income as is the case of pyramid schemes. The maximum earner gets around $50,000/= per month plus several other additional benefits. This is after thier group grows to 3000 members or more either directly or indirectly. 3000 members is a very low number if you master the art of online business. After you have referred the 3000 members, you will earn a fixed amount of income and in addition get; car, life style, travel and many other benefits for the rest of your life. Pyramids schemes promise you unreasonable income which in most of the cases are not realistic.
  • 2) You earn commissions for any member who joins your group if they stay in the program. You are promoted to higher ranks with higher earnings as your group grows. You will start earning immediately you refer one person. There is a video towards the end that explains worldventures compensation plan
  • 3) WorldVentures is a travel membership program that pays you based on the members who join after you. Incomes are classified into different categories with different titles.
  • 4) Pyramids schemes take your money in the promise of weekly and/or monthly payments. Worldventures encourage you to save for holiday and travel. i.e. To join the club, you must deposit $200 for Gold memebership and $300 for platinum membership; An additional $100 is needed if you are interested in the business investment. After that, you only need to contribute for your travel on a monthly basis but you can as well refer at least four people to your group to get the monthly payments waived. If you fear to lose your initial investment, you can book your first dream-trip immediately you register to use the money you registered with.
  • 5) Pyramid schemes leave you broke and frustrated while Worldventures will work with you until you fire your boss; their program help you enjoy stress-free life, have time for friends, relatives, and family; as well as include them in your travels. They also have sales training programs that will help improve your selling tactics as you work towards achieving your 3000 referrals.

How worldventures travel program works

When you save $50 per month either by contributing or by having referred four members who remain active. You earn 50 points each month, 1 point = 1 dollar, therefore, you get $50 per month which counts towards your future travel costs. If you only joined the Gold membership of travel program you will have deposited $200 which is additional 200 points for travel. This money alone is enough for a local 3-5 days dream trip for two adults in a five-star hotel which would have otherwise charged you between $100 – $300 per night on a normal day. If you need to travel outside the country, you can save another few months to cater for your flight costs which are also highly discounted.

What are Dream Trips?

Dreamtrips are managed by Worldventures, a multi-million US based companies with presence around the world in over 35 countries. The company gives its members access to the popular DreamTrips booking platform to book themselves to any destination around the world at highly discounted prices. Dreamtrips platform has a price shrinker which keeps on updating your bookings to the lowest possible cost , refunding you the savings. Members have a chance to book flights, restaurants, hotel accommodation among others at crazy discounts which can get as high as 75%. What is even better is that you can book friends, relatives and anyone using your dream-trips manager, you can literally operate a travel company using the dream-trips platform.

WorldVenture Business Opportunity

Worldventures gives you a chance to be your own travel agent and at the same time, make money with the business option which is an additional package. The total cost of this whole venture is about $350 inclusive of everything. This money is paid once during registration and can be recovered by referring just six active members to the travel club. Is it yet time for you to enjoy the rest of your life with friends and family and in addition make money to pay your bills?. 

How to refer people to the program

You can refer new members to the program  through word of mouth or through online methods using social media or a website. I use both ways. Word of mouth is done to friends and relatives who you invite to a seminar that explains the concept just as I explained here. I don’t like this method, I prefer a well planned online method – that is automated to add members to my group as I travel the world. Any member who refers you to the program should keep on informing you on the locations of seminars near you. S/he will also hold you hands and take you through the journey of money making as you travel the world.

Referral through an automated Website

In this case, you have to create a professional website that can convert your visitors to worldventures members. This means that you either need to look for people looking for budget holidays without compromise on quality, travel among others. The best converting websites have been known to sell byproducts other the actual products. For instance, worldventure will help you get VISAs to US, UK,Australia among other countries. Sometimes, it is very challenging for people in some countries to get such VISAs . This can be your selling point. Alternatively or additionally, you can look for people who want to travel but do not have travel partners, dream trips would be ideal for such people. Other areas such as medical travel, tourism among other can help you convert unlimited leads to the program. It is possible to get the 3000 target even within a year with a well researched online sales program. Please write 70893951 somewhere, do your research, if you decide to join, use it as your sponsor ID to join our program and we will hold your hand towards the journey to success

How this Opportunity works

This paragraph is very Important: Before you can continue, you will need a travel buddy sponsor ID. Use our ID: 70893951 to join. You will also get an ID after joining. You will be using that link to invite members to your travel group. This is a travel social network where travel groups of less than 5 people are forced to save for their future travels through a monthly charge. If the group has more than 5 members, the person who started the group earns 50 points which are equivalent to $50 per month for Gold membership and $100 for Platinum membership. You earn this plus many other benefits without contributing anything if your group has more than 5 members

This is a member only travel club and network. Using our sponsor ID doesn't necessarily mean that you have to travel in the same group with us. Our sponsorship becomes the start of your new travel group. You are expected to create your own travel adventure group of at least 5 members.

It is worth repeating that; if your group has less than 5 members, you incur a monthly fee, but if you are more than this number, the membership is free for the member who started the group. Each member forms the beginning of a new dream travel group and can the advantage of free membership by referring new members to his/her group.

Before reading the details that follow below. Please read through the content in Tab 1,2 and 3 above

You make this much money through a Global Travel Membership club by getting people who would enjoy traveling around the world to travel with you. Here are some of the example destinations on most people's bucket list;

  • Sailing & Snorkeling in Cap Cana Punta Cana, La Altagracia, Dominican Republic
  • Soar Above Las Vegas at Night Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • VolunTour: New Delhi, India Delhi, Nct, India
  • The list is endless. There is a trip to every country in the world
  • Please use the link below to select a country where you would want to travel to for a list of all the available destinations in dream trips. NOTE that you will need a sponsor ID, in this case use ID:70341936

    Click Here for a DreamTrips Search Engine

    The Business Opportunity

    The opportunity revolves around looking for people to travel around the world with you. The more people you get, the more your income. You start earning when you get your first travel buddy.

    Use the link below to access three videos with more details about the travel club.

      Video 1. Experience More (Live your dream)
      Video 2. Love to Travel (The exclusive travel club)
      Video 3. Our Global Family (Hear what everyone else is saying about the Dream Trips)
    Click Here to Watch the three Videos

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