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Online Business tips on how to market your Business Online

There is unlimited untapped potential for business online especially that which touches on imports and exports.   All you need is to do thorough country based demand analysis and market research on your product and the various strategies you can use to market your business online. The paragraphs below explains how you can easily achieve this, many others sections of the website  covers many other aspects of doing business online.


You do not have to be a market research professional to be able to analyze customer’ needs and figure out how to meet them. Appropriate market research analyzes market size, competitors, and most essentially, demand for a product. Your market research strategy should do six things: measure customer demand, identify developments, analyze buyer behavior, analyze competitor behavior, identify target markets and determine sales potential.

Market research focuses your marketing strategy on potential customers that want for your product. Small and local businesses may find their market research easier than large, nationwide businesses because their customer base is smaller. Timely information reduces business risks and helps spot sales opportunities.

Before establishing surveys and field studies, experts suggest revising customer information that you already have. Sales records, customer complaints, receipts and records concerning where people live and what they buy can improve your marketing immediately. If you offer credit, check consumer credit reports, since they can offer a plethora of information. Contact your customer service employees because they hear customers’ small gripes and complaints that they seldom report to management. Your employees know which items customers request most often and often can supply good customer profiles from their day-to-day contacts.

Survey gives you immediate response, especially when used in high-traffic locations. Different questionnaires can analyze the beliefs and attitudes of different customer groups. Direct mail surveys may cover a larger geographic area and can show the product in print and graphics while keeping costs low. Email activated surveys are even less expensive and let customers respond quickly.

Online market research for your online business

Online marketing refers to a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the Internet.

You can market your business online where you have a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing strategies due to the extra channels and marketing mechanisms available on the Internet.

Marketing your business online can deliver benefits such as:

 Growth in business potential
 Reduced business marketing expenses
 Elegant and improved communications with customers
 Better control of your business marketing efforts
 Improved customer service
 Competitive advantage over businesses with no online presence.

Advantages and disadvantages of marketing your business online

Online Marketing research has witnessed a growth trend in the recent past. Market researchers, Marketing managers and business school students have increasingly begun to depend on Internet research for collecting primary data through surveys, experiments and online focus groups. Web research has proven to have several advantages over offline surveys and focus groups. The most obvious advantages include speed and low cost of execution.

Online research is relatively low in cost in the sense that participants from all over the globe can pitch into the discussions, without engaging in any kind of travel and/or living expenses. More specifically, the online surveys eliminates or substantially reduces the usage (wastage) of paper work, postage charges, phone charges, labour charges and printing expenses.

This module of market research also allows speed of execution. Although online research requires some prior advanced scheduling and preparations, in the long run it proves to be worth the effort. Teens, well-educated professionals, working mothers can be effectively reached through online research. The response rate is also seen to be better off as they can respond to the research in their own space and at their own convenience.

Online Marketing through Networking

The simplest explanation of network marketing is that it is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods. This can be achieved through the social media and other online marketing platforms.

Online Referral Marketing

The role of the referral marketer is to be deliberate about the process, making sure that people tell their friends about the awesome products and services they’ve purchased.This involves the implementation of incentives and tracking, and lots of careful study.

The challenge is to ensure that these interactions are timely, useful and relevant. Consumers trust their friends more than retailers, but nobody stays friends for long with annoying people who constantly bombard everybody with irrelevant, annoying information.

Imports Business – Buying items in the United States and Delivering them to your country

The two main popular ways of shipping items from the united states to your country are via and When you subscribe to these companies, they give you a valid US shipping address for your mails and parcels which they then deliver to you when you want them delivered. They use popular shipping options such as DHL and Fedex to ship internationally. These packages come with shipping insurance. The companies allows you to buy online goods which may not shipped internationally allowing your business to have unique stock not available to other retailers.

How works

1. Get a MyUS address

To get a address, you simply register. You can begin shopping right away with your personal MyUS address. Membership options are available to fit every shipping need.
• Basic membership for one time user.
• Premium membership
• Premium +mail membership

2. Start shopping US online stores.

Shop top brands and great deals only available from USA retailers like Amazon, GAP, Ralph Lauren, and 6PM. Simply enter your MyUS address at checkout, and your purchases will be shipped to MyUS USA facility.

3. How do you want to ship & save.

Experts will record product details for you for export documents, and will inspect every package to ensure no items are damaged.
When you are ready to ship, simply submit a ship request through online account system.
* Select your preferred carrier and shipping method, or let MyUS choose the least expensive option
* Know which packages to consolidate to ensure you get the biggest savings on shipping costs
* Request extra packaging material, fragile stickers and a variety of other packing options

4. Get your goods, fast and worry-free.

Fast delivery at discounted rates, they are partners with DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS. Most MyUS members worldwide receive their packages in just 2 to 4 days.

How to use
1. Shop in any U.S. online store

You will get your box number in the email shortly after registration. Just fill out the application below and they will send you your mail box number when they process your order. Please be aware that every account needs to be verified (for example by submitting copy of your ID and 1583 form) and you can never have anyone else to pay on your account (no third party payments).

2. They will receive your package

When they receive your package, they will notify you via email. They will enter information about sender and tracking number so it will be easy for you to identify the package.

3. We will ship the package to you

Postage to your country will be automatically calculate and you can select what is the best shipping method for you. Once you select the shipping method and schedule mail out, we will ship your package. Feel free to use Shipping Calculator to see your options right now.

How much does it cost?

Shipping cost is shown in the Shipping calculator. If you ship just one package it will cost you $1 + postage shipping cost.

Why choose DHL Import Express

The new DHL Import Express Online gives you full control of your imports – wherever you are, directly via the Internet. It allows both importers and shippers to quickly and securely prepare and manage their shipment process.

With DHL Import Express Online, Import Express account holders can easily create, track and revise shipment instructions. The supplier can complete the shipping instructions, print shipment paperwork and generate label and pick-up requests electronically.

What are the benefits for an Importer?

* Prepare shipment instructions from wherever you are in a few simple clicks
* Eliminate the need to provide your account number and minimize messy paperwork
* Optimize communication between you, the shipper, and the receiver through automated email notifications
* View shipment documentation online as soon as it is prepared by the shipper
* Transit time and rate quote calculations and Shipper activity alerts
* Complete visibility worldwide
* Unlimited address book, 90 days shipment history and 24/7 technical support

What are the Benefits for a Shipper?

* Email notification of shipment instructions
* Online document preparation including waybill and customs documentation and reverse shipment instructions

And the Benefits for both Shippers and Importers?

* Easy to use
* Delivery status available at any time
* Save time and money each and every day by controlling shipment processing via the Internet

Why choose FedEx?

Their wide range of shipping services means you’ll always find the right options for whatever you’re shipping. Import or export to 220 countries and territories worldwide, whether it’s express shipping or less-urgent delivery, small boxes or heavyweight freight, a single package or multiple parcels at the same time.


With their intuitive, free online tools, you can manage your shipments, then track the progress in real-time or choose to get proactive notifications. they’ve got advanced tools to help you run detailed reports, find out about duties and taxes on special shipments and more – and they’re just as easy to use.

Live support

They ship to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, and they’ve got Customer Service centres around the globe. Call anytime you need help, or choose to chat online on

Peace of mind

Make FedEx your international shipping company and you can import or export to 220 countries and territories worldwide with complete confidence.


They provide proof of delivery on every invoice, so there’s no room for doubt. 1

Money-back guarantee

Serious about time-definite delivery? So they are. FedEx Express international shipments comes with a money-back guarantee.

Sea freight

This is one of the cheapest ways to transport goods from one place to another. This is why so many companies opt for it. It is not hard to find a place on a cargo ship to store things and, more significantly, the cost of that ship reaching its destination is shared by a lot of other cargo that is on the same ship. So, when time of delivery is not an issue, this is the option that you should be going for, simply because it will save you a lot of money.


Cargo ships can carry really massive amounts of cargo. The best thing is that it makes no difference as to what shape or size the things that need to be transported are. Ships can carry any kind of equipment, heavy machinery, cars or whatever other large product you can name. Also, they can store a lot of them at once, which means that competitive rates are high and they can service large demands with ease. This would be a great option if you have a great amount of goods that need to be shipped together.

How it works

Registered Mail gives you the added security of proof of posting and confirmation of delivery. This way you can be sure that delivery has been completed.
They take the utmost care to ensure that your registered mail is delivered in perfect condition.

* Track your parcel using online tracking service
* Recipient is required to sign for delivery
* Proof of posting as standard
* Up to € 50 compensation in the event of loss or damage
* View tracking availability per country

Proper care of your delivery

Although sometimes, the post office take the utmost care to ensure that your registered mail is delivered in perfect condition. There are many cases where parcel has been lost or stolen during transit. Be careful when you use this method as a shipping method and always make sure your items are insured.

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