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Working remotely online on Freelancer Websites

This involves bidding for short time jobs online in freelancer websites, completing them from home and submitting the completed work within the time you specified when bidding. Some freelancer jobs may include writing articles, website design, graphic designs, research, business plans among other jobs. Freelancer, ODesk and Elance are some of the examples of freelance websites where you can work to earn an income.


a. Passion:

This is the most crucial item on the list; you must have a driving force, something that keeps you going, even when the money is not coming in as expected

b. Writing and Research skills:

As a freelance writer, your research skills must be top notch, you must be able to gather facts from different sources, exercise your deductive reasoning ability and come up with a single article that discuss the topic/issue from various perspective, at the same time reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

d. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

most of your clients are blogger, online marketers, SME etc. Since the main objective of coming to is to make their company visible to online visitors, writing for them requires you knowing how search engines work. You have to be able to search for popular search terms and combine them into your client’s article. You also need a reliable computer and fats Internet connection so that you are able to meet all deadlines. You may need a PayPal account and a Payonner card to successfully receive your online income.


1. Work Smart: Do What You Do Best

To optimize your freelancing with Elance, stick with the kind of projects you can excel with easily. You’re probably already a specialist in some area or other. Build on that – become more and more expert in that area.

2. Don’t Just Tell It – SHOW It

Every time we post a new job on Elance, we’re looking for people with strong portfolios. This is often the factor that decides whether or not we go forward with a new freelancer.

3. Build your rankings among the competition

Always be available, be communicative, be open, honest and service-minded.

4. Pricing:

Price is the most common parameter people try to use to compete. That is, lowering price to make an offer more attractive.


1. Define your title. Creating a title for yourself is extremely important because, if done well, you can increase your chances of getting hired.
2. Define your tags. Choosing skills tags is very important because it affects how you are found by potential clients as well as how you are perceived.
3. Write a clear description. Writing a description can be easily done after you have made a headline and associated tags.
4. Take relevant tests. Taking a few tests that are relevant to the work you do is the best way to validate what you claim in your profile description.
5. Create a portfolio. With the work you have done so far, see if you can add a few samples into the portfolio section of your profile so clients can get an idea of the work you do.
6. Go for larger jobs. Larger assignments give you the chance to take on more jobs that are similar or to try something new.

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