Fantasy Soccer


Football games online or Soccer games online can be interpreted to mean two different things. It could mean computer football games or the live Football  played in the field but that have an online version of fantasy soccer/football.

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Fantasy Soccer is a favorite fantasy sport for many football fans around the world. A number of websites have become popular especially for the English premier league fantasy soccer. Other popular fantasy leagues you can play online include; The Spanish La Liga fantasy soccer, the German Bundesliga fantasy soccer, the Italian serie A fantasy soccer and French League 1 fantasy soccer.

Football can mean two types of sports. In United States of America, the term football refers to their NFL football while in United Kingdom and many other countries in the world, football is the equivalent of what United States refers to as soccer. These two terms are synonymous are used interchangeably in many countries; United States prefer the two terms to mean two different sports. They also have two football leagues for each sport; i.e. NFL for American football and MLS for soccer which is the equivalent of the United Kingdom’s British premier league, Spain’s Liga BBVA, Germany’s Bundesliga, French League 1 and Italy’s Series A.

The following are the top five popular websites for fantasy soccer and which have over time brought several fantasy soccer games lovers together online.

1. English premier League fantasy soccer games

This is the official English premier league fantasy soccer and is one of the most popular fantasy Soccer websites available online. With over 2 million fans playing the game every season, the website has large following and good quality premier league news and updates for its fans.

2. Espn Fantasy Soccer games is a global leader in sports news; the website has many online followers and fans who has also joined their fantasy soccer website. If you don’t like the premier league fantasy website for any reasons, you can try ESPN fantasy soccer.

3. The Telegraph Fantasy Soccer Games

This is not free fantasy soccer and is not available globally; it is one of the most popular fantasy soccer website available online for the United Kingdom fantasy soccer fans. The websites claims to give a reward of $100.000 to the overall winner at the end of the season. To create a first fantasy team is free but an additional team costs around $5.

4. CBS Fantasy Games

This fantasy website is popular in the United States. CbsSports is a major website for the American football and a variety of other fantasy sports. The website does not have an option for the British premier league fantasy Soccer

5. Yahoo Fantasy Soccer Games

Yahoo also used to have a variety of fantasy games online. However, Yahoo decided to discontinue some of their fantasy games as from the end of 2014/2015 English premier league season. According to many, Yahoo fantasy soccer was well designed and it gave its fans a lot of points compared to other free online fantasy games. Yahoo fantasy games also had an android and apple IOS versions of the fantasy games it provided to its mobile users. You can still play a number of other Yahoo fantasy games.

Fantasy Soccer Games Script

To run a fantasy soccer website, you need a high quality fantasy soccer Games script. The most popular fantasy soccer scripts available online are;