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Social media marketing

Most social media have free and paid elements of advertising but some of the free elements are difficult to use and require a lot of work and experience. You need to understand the various free tools that could be exploited in the social media and how to you use them for your business.

In this guide, I will mostly discuss about Facebook and leave the research on other social media such as Google+ and twitter to you. The concept is however the same and I expect you to exploit their ability to reach many clients and to keep clients with similar needs in a centralized area.

If you have a business, it is not optional to have a facebook page for it whether the business is offline or online. You should take advantage of the large volume of online customers and to grow it to achieve your maximum potential. Free Facebook advertising can take various forms;

For your facebook advertising to be effective, do not target buyers but think of a topic that is interesting and related to the product you are selling and then put your website as a link in the information page. Gather as many followers as possible and you will after sometime see an increase in the sale of your product when you are able to target the right type of followers.

A successful marketing strategy should attract more than 10,000 followers which mean that you can sell your product to at least a minimum of 1 % depending on the way you package and communicate about your product.

Social marketing is useful because it helps you to get the right choice of customers in one place, and having a page where you can keep on updating them on new products, product improvement, offers and any other information you think useful to them.

Question Answer websites

There many questions and answers websites you can use to market your products, the most popular is yahoo answers which classifies questions and answers based on categories.

When posting your advertising in these kinds of platforms, it is recommended that you follow the website policies. This makes it possible to put your message across without the risks of being banned from the sites.

Such platforms also have the advantage of keeping your links in the website for a long time and therefore you are likely to get customers flowing to your business website many years after asking or answering one question.

Directory websites

These websites are very useful as they create permanent links to your business. As a marketer, you should look for various free directories and make sure that your business is listed in them so as to get customers who are looking for the kind of product or service you offer. These directories are most of the times optimized for search engines and are well ranked in search results.

Forums and Discussion Boards

Forum and discussion boards are key sources of quality online traffic. While this may sound difficult to implement, the approach taken is what determines its success. The best approach is to target five related forums and use them extensively to generate traffic as opposed to joining so many forums until you are overwhelmed. Look for forums with do follow links which is also good for your SEO.

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