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ONLINE MARKETING: Free Methods to Market your business online

The term online marketing is broad because there are countless strategies one can use to achieve online marketing goals; while some methods require investing, other are completely free and depends on your level of awareness. This guide is designed to help you come up with the best strategy for your online marketing. It does not only tell you to advertise but also gives you creative solutions to online marketing and is classified into free and paid methods of online marketing.

Creative free online marketing strategies

The advantage of online marketing is that, when you have a product that sells, your earning potential is only limited to your marketing capability and when you discover how to achieve this, you will have tales to tell. Your first step is to try to sell your first product online by trying different strategies at different times to identify which one of them works and then you can capitalise on it.

How you market your product is what matters and not necessarily the product you are marketing, you need to first know the people you are marketing the product to and then identify various ways of reaching them.  You can reach the target audience either through free or paid online platforms. Some of them were not developed for marketing but they have an element of marketing in them so only need to exploit that opportunity.

Free online marketing platforms

The challenge faced by many online businesses is that, when you sell a product so that people can buy it, they do not buy in fear that you will con them and you have to find a way of convincing them that they need the product you are selling because many are the times when buyers have been tricked to buy something only to find out that what they bought was not as described.
When selling online, you have to be able to prove to the buyer that they will get what they are looking for and they will not be tricked into buying something that is not relevant useful to them. You should try to achieve this using various free online marketing platforms and then use the paid platforms after you are successful in selling at least one item. Some of the free strategies covered in this guide include;

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