Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What SEO means

Search engine optimizationĀ involves applying various strategies on your website so that it can be ranked high on the major search engines results when people search in them using some keywords that have been used in your website. Its importance has been over emphasized online showing how necessary it is.

It is one of the free advertising methods because if you do it right, you get so many visitors to your website; and if the keywords used to optimize your website are related to the product you are selling, your sales are also likely to increase. Search engines are known to have high quality traffic because most of the sales companies generate are from customers who did online searches.

There a number of techniques employed to achieve search engine optimisation
  • Back links (Inbound and Outbound
  • Improving Html
  • Removing barriers to search engine access of your website, among others.
  • Using the right keyword in the content of your website

What Search engine optimization (SEO) entails

No SEO no online success ! Yes, you heard me right. SEO is the master of online success and without it, you online business is doomed to fail. You can invest in PPC advertising but will get tired with time. Additionally, why spend so much when you can get something for free.

Just to clarify, if you have a very competitive product or service, PPC is also good and it may also improve SEO if you use it to build your initial customer base. $100 on PPC is enough to help you understand if you are on track. Websites offering popular or addictive services can also be promoted successfully using SEO, this is the case with dating, social networking websites and games websites. Make sure you have a professionally designed websites if you want your visitors to trust it.

What you need to understand about SEO.

When targeting your customers using the keywords they search most online, avoid search terms or keywords that have a lot of competing websites and high traffic because it may be very difficult to rank with them. Start small to grow big, look for non competitive long tail keywords that are likely to cause instant ranking.

The strategy that works best is that which involve achieving your target customer volume with many low traffic keyword rather than one keyword with a lot of search volume. For instance, it is easy to rank for ten keywords with 1000 visitors per month than for one keyword with 10,000 visitors per month. My earlier article on what to look for when selecting a keyword to target gives a step by step guide on stating a sample business of selling Laptops that on deal online.

It is also important that you create a website for your customers and not for search engines, this means that your grammar should be correct and your writing should flow well for the reader, the font size should also be readable and the paragraphs well structured with headings.

If you have anything to offer for free, give it to your website visitors and they will keep coming back. Implement only white hat SEO strategies if you want success. Black hat SEO strategies may work for a short time but after that, your website will fall off the google rankings and may never emerge on top again.

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